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A solution for adding SMS functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. If you use MS Dynamics to improve customer relationship management in your company, now you can increase the efficiency and speed of your CRM system.

How to add SMS functionality to MS Dynamics

Are you looking for a solution that helps you satisfy customer needs with minimum efforts but at professional way?

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to reach an important customer in real time but you couldn't?
Would you like to treat these situations in an efficient way?
And would you like to organize all customer related matters in an outstanding and reliable way?

If yes, you will be interested in a simple but effective solution.

The solution is ... - despite its simplicity - ...SMS technology.

SMS functionality will ensure an instant and direct way of communication with your customers.
You will gain a system that engages clients and satisfies their exact needs at the highest professional level.

This functionality is available with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that needs to be downloaded and installed to your PC.
As it has an outstanding performance it can easily handle huge numbers of SMS messages. Therefore you can
launch SMS campaigns to targeted audience or you can send SMS alerts instantly from your system.

In practice, implementing SMS technology makes it possible to send SMS messages from Dynamics to mobile phones.
With this solution you can further improve the efficiency and speed of your CRM system that will result in more
satisfied customers and less operational costs.

Get the free trial of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to see how it works in practice right now: Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

To learn more about how to add SMS funcitonality to MS Dynamics with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway visit our web site:
This solution provides you a seamless communication experience at the highest level!

Implement this solution to:

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Save valuable time
  • Launch SMS campaigns to targeted audience
  • Send SMS alerts from your system
  • Improve corporate communication
  • Improve customer relations
  • Increase efficiency
  • Ensure continuous availability
  • Ensure real time relationship with your customers
  • Keep in contact while you are on the move
  • Satisfy your existing customers, and business partners; and attract new ones
  • Be competitive by using modern SMS technology

In summary...

SMS technology is the ideal solution if you want to build a stable and reliable SMS system to keep in touch with customers, business partners
or employees at any time and any place; furthermore, you can also highly improve corporate communication within and outside the company.

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